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''Learn How To Install Any Game For Free (Video Tutorial)''


''Missing .DLL File or .DLL Not Found Error''

Missing .DLL File Errors / .DLL Not Found - How To Fix This Problem (Fast & Easy)

When you have installed a game on your computer, you might get the 'Missing .DLL File' error. To solve this problem you must have DirectX installed on your computer. Always make sure you have installed the latest version of the following programs below to fix any 'System' errors and other kind of problems. If you are having a 'Black Screen' error, these softwares below should fix that issue as well! Make sure to download and install all the following programs:




If the 'Missing .DLL File' error persists, make sure that your Anti Virus software or Windows Defender is disabled. These Anti Virus softwares may have deleted a specific .DLL file on your computer which is the cause of this error. Once the softwares are disabled, reinstall the game and the problem should be fixed.


''Extract .Zip, .Iso & .Rar Files on Windows and Mac''

When you have downloaded a game, you have to extract the file in most of the times. To do this you will need the free program called WinRAR. You can download WinRAR here. Once you have installed the program, right click on the file you want to extract and click on 'Extract Here'. 

Extract .Zip, .Iso & .Rar Files on Windows and Mac - How To Fix This Problem (Fast & Easy)

''You Have Reached the MEGA Bandwidth / Transfer Quota Exceeded'

If there is no Alternative Link available, let the game download overnight on your computer. After a couple of hours the MEGA Bandwidth will reset itself and will finish your download! Don't forget: You can always request an Alternative Link in the comments below on the specific game page. We will try to add a new one for you then.


Also, another great tip to solve this issue is to use a VPN. Make sure you are NOT logged in to your MEGA account while doing so. Using a VPN allows you to bypass the Mega Bandwidth message!

MEGA Transfer Quota Exceeded

''My Game Crashes or Won't Save''

In some cases the game you have installed might not run on your computer. There is an easy fix for this that you should always use for any game:

Right click on the game you want to play > Properties > Compatibillity > Click on 'Run this program as administrator' > Click Apply and OK.

My Game Crashes or Won't Save - How To Fix This Problem (Fast & Easy)

''Missing Game Files on Your Computer''

In most of the times you only need to run the setup application before you can play the game on your computer. However, sometimes the game is a CODEX file which contains a crack folder in it. To fix missing game files or installation errors, make sure you check 'Copy content of CODEX directory to installdir' before you click the 'Install' button. By checking this option it will automatically copy all the game files to the installation folder. Your problem should be fixed now!

Missing Game Files on Your Comuter - How To Fix This Problem (Fast & Easy)

''When I Start a Game it Opens the Steam Store''

Make sure if the installer shows 'CODEX' or 'PLAZA', you will have to click on 'Copy contents of CODEX directory to installdir' before clicking on the Install button. In some cases you have to manually copy the 'crack files' to the game installation folder. Also be aware that your anti virus may have deleted specific .dll files that makes the game run. Be sure to turn them off so they won't delete any .dll files. All files are 100% clean so you don't have to worry.


''Out of HTML5 Storage Space''

In some cases you might get the following error: 'Out of HTML5 Storage Space' and so MEGA won't start the download at all. The best thing you could do is to make sure you use the Google Chrome browser and install the MEGA extension. You can get the Chrome MEGA extension here.

Out of HTML5 Storage Space - How To Fix This Problem (Fast & Easy)

''I Would Like Some More Help With Solving My Issue''

No problem! Make sure to check out this How To article or this other Troubleshoot article for more help regarding your issues and how to solve them.

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