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Phoenix Point Free Download (Incl. Cthulhu + All DLC’s)

Download Phoenix Point For Free on PC - To be released on December, 2019, Phoenix Point is an upcoming strategy video game featuring a turn-based tactics system that is being developed by Bulgaria-based independent developer Snapshot Games. Learn how to download and install Phoenix Point for free on PC in this article. Below you will find all the instructions, where you can follow every step easily. Don't forget to share this post and site with your friends!


The oceans transformed in alien ways after which the Pandoravirus began to infect the world’s landmasses with an airborne mutagenic mist. The mist was both a microbial contaminant and a conduit that networked the hive-mind of the Pandoravirus. Humanity was not prepared; everyone who failed to reach high-ground where the mist could not reach succumbed to it. The monstrosities of this future world are intended to evoke themes of tentacles and unknown horror familiar to fans of H. P. Lovecraft. Likewise, the works of John Carpenter influence the themes of science fiction horror, particularly related to the mist that both hides alien monsters and creates them. The game starts in 2047. The alien mist and monsters created by the Pandoravirus have overwhelmed and destroyed worldwide civilization, reducing the remnants of humanity to isolated havens that are sparsely spread across the planet. The Pandoravirus controls the oceans, contaminating all sea life, and has brought humans to the brink of extinction on land. Various factions control the havens of humanity, and they each have very different ideas of how to survive the alien threat.

Phoenix Point Free Download


  1. Click the Download button or logo below and you will be redirected to ShareTheURLs.

  2. From there, choose the preferred download link to start the download.

  3. Once Phoenix Point is done downloading, you have to extract the .zip file. To do this you will need the free program called WinRAR, which you can get here. Now right click the .zip file and click on 'Extract to Phoenix Point'.

  4. Double click on the Phoenix Point folder and run the exe application.

  5. Have fun and play! Don't forget to run the game as administrator as it helps prevents crashes and errors with the game.


Click the Download button below to start Phoenix Point Free Download.

Phoenix Point Free Download

Size: 18.07 GB

Phoenix Point Free Download Torrent

You must have the latest DirectX version installed to avoid any errors. You can get it here!

Important: Make sure to disable any form of antivirus softwares on your computer.

Not doing so may cause issues with the game you are installing like crashes and errors.

All the download files on this website are 100% clean and do not contain any virusus!


OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10

Processor: Intel Core i3/AMD Phenom II X3

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660/AMD Radeon R9 270

Storage: 20 GB available space


Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point

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